Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Lucky are those kids, whose parents sow the healthy seeds of Yoga at a young age! We make it happen for your dear ones every Saturday at Aundh in the form of 2 hours of fun-filled activities including Yoga – for an overall development of their body, mind and soul. Children of the age group 5-12 yrs can enjoy a two hour session.

In this day and age of 15-minute attention spans our Kids’ batch teachers creatively develop ideas to keep the kids engaged, entertained and yet educated in Yoga practices. We have deviced two hour sessions as follows –

First Hour – Focus Yoga with fun.

  • Dynamic Yoga practices as recommended for the age group.
  • Proper breathing techniques and Neti Kriya to improve lung functions and strengthen the immune system.
  • Mantra and Omkar chanting for voice culture and improving memory.
  • Tratak and Eye exercises for better vision and focus in life.

Second Hour – Focus on other activity to channel a young mind.

  • Craft activities like pot painting, paper craft, jewellery making and many more to improve concentration, motor development, and creativity.
  • Personality development with proper etiquettes.
  • Once in 3 months trekking activity to a close by hill.