Our Classes

Juggling between work and life, struggling for time with close ones, a thousand errands to run, some symptom of flailing health and no time for yourself. Does this sound familiar? Here’s your chance to schedule just three hours a week for your well-being – physical, mental and emotional – embrace Yoga. And more likely than not, you will ask for more as you see your life start sorting itself out.

With a perfect combination of fun and professionalism, our team of 25+ experienced and youthful teachers, gradually take you towards absorbing Yoga as a way of life. Soon enough, you will be on your path to discovering the deeper you.

Every session we offer is unique! We design our classes choosing a healthy combination of practices from Traditional Asanas, Surya Namaskaar, Tibetan Yoga, Nabhi Kriya, Ball and Band Yoga and Pilates, Tratak and eye exercises, Neti Kriya, Yogic relaxation – to name a few.

Yoga when done right:

Meet all parameters of fitness – muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardio-vascular efficiency and body fat percentage. Surya Namaskaars alone work on 93 – 97% of the muscles of our body!

Deep massages our organs thus improving their functioning.

Detoxifies, boosts energy levels and promotes positive health.

Makes us awareness oriented versus repetition oriented. This mindfulness brings clarity of thoughts and emotional stability in life.