Pranayama Training

Course details:

We wish to focus on replacing mechanical Pranayam practice with a mindful and safe one. Therefore, we impart this understanding to all those who wish to teach Pranayam through a foundation in basic anatomy and physiology.


  • The WHYs and HOWs of Pranayam
  • Mind-management with Pranayam


  • Anybody wanting to breathe well for better health and energy
  • Anybody keen on sharing the wonders of mindful breathing techniques
  • You need not be a Yoga Teacher to do the course

Teaching Methodology:

  • Lectures
  • Practical sessions

Theory Lectures:

  • Mechanics of Breathing & Science of Pranayama
  • Stress, nervous system and mindful breathing
  • Techniques and how to teach


  • Kapalbhaati ,Bastrika, Agnisara, Nauli & Jal Neti
  • Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama (with & without kumbhaka)
  • Ujjayi & variations
  • Shitali
  • Bhramari & OM Chanting techniques
  • Tri-bandha & mudras in pranayam
  • Viniyoga – breathing movement meditation
  • Special techniques for depression, anxiety