Kids Yoga Training

“If you can start teaching a 10-year old meditation, within one generation we can erase violence from earth”.
~ Dalai Lama

Course Details:

This is a 3-hour workshop, you will reconnect with your inner child and experience how to become a kid again. This will enable us to work with them and teach them Yoga in a very joyful, playful and positive way. It is an opening from the heart to get back to where it all started. By the end of the workshop, you will get tools to become a professional, kids’ yoga teacher.


  • Benefits, contra-indications and guidelines for teaching yoga to children
  • Need for yoga in children
  • Breathing and meditation techniques
  • How to introduce yogic life style concepts to kids
  • How to make yoga fun and engaging for children of all ages
  • Relaxation with affirmation
  • Mantras, songs and omkar for children
  • Shuddhi Kriya
  • Activity ideas beyond Yoga
  • Yoga for education and in a classroom setting


  • Certified yoga instructor with sound theoretical and practical knowledge of asanas
  • Fairly good level of fitness with no physical ailments

Teaching methodology:
Practical sessions that cover:

  • Principles of instructing, demonstrating and observing
  • Assisting and correcting
  • Teaching cues and communication

Session planning, sequencing, Teaching skills