Yoga is not only the number one form of fitness worldwide, but is also a very effective therapeutic tool when customized. It works wonders for musculoskeletal problems like knee, back, neck and shoulder pain. Yoga is the mother of all physical therapies. Secondly, 80% of present time diseases are psychosomatic and lifestyle borne.


Only medicines cannot suffice and Holistic Yoga focusing on body, breath and mind has to be adopted. While offering you quality services with scientific backing, we keep in mind,


The ABC’s that are the fundamentals behind the therapy program are -

  • Awareness - accepting our limits and based on alignments.
  • Balance - between flexibility and strength of muscles.
  • Core - connecting deep through breaths

We address a wide range of chronic issues - Heart & Hypertension, Diabetes, PCOD & Infertility, Thyroid disorders, Psoriasis, Anxiety & Depression, Asthma and allergies, sleep disorders, migraines. We try to find the best possible solution for diseases not mentioned here too.