What better gift can you give yourself and the little one you are nurturing within than an hour of dedicated breathing, gentle stretching and relaxation.

Our prenatal classes are designed to help you prepare your body for labour day. At the same time, this routine keeps you healthy and fit during the pregnancy by guiding you on ways to handle your posture with the essential weight gain. You will also see pronounced effects as you want to return to normalcy after your delivery.

We use lots of breathing practices, gentle stretches, modified traditional postures, cool down, and relaxation techniques to help the new mothers-to-be stay active and healthy during and after their pregnancies. You can start prenatal yoga once you complete your first trimester of pregnancy, anytime after 12-15 weeks.


  • Generates Stress Relief
  • Helps prepare you for labour
  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Helps diminish swelling and joint inflammation
  • Prevents and decreases pain in the lower back
  • Creates and maintains a sense of well being
  • Relaxation, imagery and breathing techniques useful in labor