Yin Yoga

YIN YOGA is a slow-paced style of yoga with asanas that are held for longer periods of time – five minutes or more per pose. This style of yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body (vs. the superficial tissues) and the fascia that covers the body. It helps regulate the flow of energy in the body. In the present yoga world where the YANG form of practice is predominant and practised more. The popularity of Yin Yoga has started picking up by virtue of it being a balancing practice. Yin Yoga offers a much deeper access to the body, the postures being more passive and on the floor. You relax in the posture, soften the muscle and move closer to the bone.
Yin Yoga
  • Increase mobility in the body, especially the joins and hips
  • Calms and balances the mind and body
  • Works more on flexibility in joints & connective tissue
  • Releases fascia throughout the body