Corporate Workshops

The corporate world demands physical fitness, high energy and a focused mind. In the prevailing competitive and stressful environment, where time for ourselves is always in short supply, wellness and wholeness are in great demand. Here's a list of few of our workshops. This is by no means an exhaustive list. We would love to put together a workshop based on your organization's need.


24 Hours Yoga - Posture Alignment

  • Posture education - A one-stop guide to being pain free. How do we sit, stand, walk, sleep, drive, etc.
  • Chair practices for health and computer related ailments
  • Praanaayam for stress management

Power Praanaayam

Very special breathing techniques for self empowerment.

  • Unique praanaayam practices for an objective yet creative mind
  • Breathing practices to overcome anxiety and develop positive thinking

"Your" 30 Minutes a Day

We have developed a 30 minute protocol that includes yoga, praanaayam and chanting which is enjoyable, safe, unique and rewarding.


Healthy Eating Habits

Good health stands strongly on the pillars of a good diet and healthy eating habits. This program addresses our day-to-day dietary issues in a very practical way, offering solutions which are not only healthy but more importantly satisfy our Indian taste buds.


Alpha Success

Develop the Genius Within - Mind Management & Creating Magnetism

  • Develop positive thinking and decision-making
  • Handle stress
  • Inspire creativity and energy from within
  • Coordinate mental capacities
  • Foster ability to think, act, and discriminate optimally

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Try when nothing else works!

A natural and gentle healing technique that helps in returning the body, mind and our emotions to a natural state of balance and harmony.

  • Physical health - Stress related physical problems
  • Mental health- Grief & fear, anxiety & depression, insomnia
  • Self Development- Lack of concentration, confidence and poor performance

LAWS – Loose Away Weight Smartly

Weight loss is possible with a combination of -

- effective exercise

- sensible eating habits

- right attitude


Here is a unique, comprehensive and specially structured program based on natural laws of Physics. An easy to learn, sustainable protocol which is safe, effective, enjoyable and can be implemented without supervision.