Yoga for Weight Loss

At the physical level -

A combination of Yoga and Pilate's stretch and strengthen tight muscles that are a result of inactivity, tension, and stress. The gradual increased range of motion enhances flexibility. This helps correct postural problems that may have resulted from weight gain.


We recognize that weight gain causes sluggishness and decreased energy. Not only do each of our sessions include breathing practices, breathing is emphasized during the workout too. This leads to an increase in the prana (vital energy) of the body which re-energizes your body.


At the physiological level -

Yoga when done right improves digestion eliminating constipation, water retention, and bloating. It also improves blood circulation to major endocrine glands (such as the thyroid and pancreas) that control appetite, moods and sleep patterns. These are all inter-related contributors to weigh gain.


At the psychological level -

Weight gain often brings with it a great deal of harsh self-judgment. Through yoga, we counter this by creating a safe, positive environment to reconnect with our bodies and quieten the counterproductive messages that often arise in our minds. Re-engaging in physical activity through asana practice can also foster a renewed sense of control over our lives, a quality that sometimes diminishes as one’s weight refuses to budge!