Customized Sessions

Yoga is not a one size fit for all solution to our health problems. Yoga practices were conceived many years back for healthy individuals to maintain good health. But today, we look upon Yoga when in pain or suffering from a Lifestyle disease. The traditional asanas could harm individuals with damaged cartilage and joints. Asanas have to be adapted and the breathing practices too have to be customized, and this is what we do for you….and it works!

Techniques to relieve aches and pains

We use various techniques to help relieve aches and pains - chronic, from accidents or otherwise - From passive, relaxing stretches using ropes and belts to exercises which require your active participation; from postural corrections to breath awareness.  

Techniques to deal with chronic diseases

Healing chronic diseases is an open-minded journey that helps us gain control over our own life. We compliment necessary medication with counseling, yoga and breath therapy, mind management techniques, diet therapy, nutritional therapy, and special breathing techniques for anxiety, depression, low immunity, and so on.