I lost 4 more kg. Total 6 kg now in 3 months! But eating a lot. Not depriving myself...so very happy. Looking very good in Sarees, fitting in those old good trousers...and yes have option of so may sarees that I fit into old blouses. Thanks!
By, Alaknanda Agre
‘Because of proper diet and yoga classes at Param Yoga, I lost 3 1⁄2 kg weight in one month. This is a big achievement for me as I’d tired of trying various diet plans and gym exercise and did not lost single kg weight.......today I have gained my confidence that I can reduce weight easily and live healthy life with healthy mind.’
By, Nitisha Suryavanshi
Weightt Loss- 10kgs in six months.
Weight loss batch has improved my flexibility and I have lost lots of inches and weight. My energy levels have gone high. All the instructors are excellent teachers and they have been very cooperative and patient with me .This programme has variety of exercises which makes it very interesting and now it has become a lifestyle for me.
Sacralisation, PCOD
By, Ashwini Udasin
Age: 37 years

The personal yoga sessions are very precisely programmed and specific to my needs. I look forward to the one hour of energy and happiness that I spend with my yoga teacher. Each asana is well explained with proper guidance as my physical constraints so i know which muscle is to be moved and its impact. I can feel a great difference in the flexibility of my whole body its like i have been connected to my own body now, i am able to understand each posture each movement of my muscle.

Home Yoga
By, Geeta Sethi
Vice President, DaVizta

PARAM YOGA: Has Changed Really My Life. I Have Done, Many Exercises & Diets, In my Past. But Nothing Really Worked Out. PARAM YOGA classes have changed my life. I would Suggest All Youngsters of any Age, Can Join see the Difference in You. I lost 10 kgs in 8 months feeling youger and fully energized

By, Pooja Mahtani

A real time,real life,allopathic medical MD physician,writes the best ever and truly convincing pranayama holistic healing book! What more could be said? may be this is the first time in the world,and surely in India. The most detail but concise book for pranayama, surely written in the world today. It beautifully takes us from breath and mind,to actually healing,and realisation of desires. read it several times over,and several enlightening thoughts come forward,over and over,each time u read it. Every small phrase in the book,has a very deep meaning for introspection. A very good gift for oneself,or to anybody,and everybody,no matter ,however good and healthy he/ she feels.

Pranayama Book
By, Dr Aashish Mathesul
MDS Orthodontist

I must admit that I have gained immensely from both pranayam and the health class. I had acute dry skin on my feet and hands and now both are smooth except for a patch on my ankle which has also reduced in its ferocity. Friends remarked that I was looking younger! This I feel is only due to the good effects of pranayam because I am off all skin creams.

Thanks to the health class I have learnt the surya namaskar with a chair and I do it diligently. This has strenthened my knee muscles and I am able to go on short walks. Earlier I used to avoid because of my knee problem. My overall fitness has improved and now I am in better control of my emotions as well. I could go on and on...

By, Lulu Eapen

All my life I have been fairly active and have experimented with all forms of exercise. I used to hold this notion that Yoga is only to stretch, wont help weight loss, or cant help me with my athletic performance, and can be taken up when I grow older :-). Essentially I didnt think it was challenging enough for my "fit" body to take on.

However last year before I went on a very long ride, I overcame my resistance and enrolled for Power Yoga, at Param Yoga . I was quite taken aback by the intensity of the class. After a year of doing this, I still feel challenged during a class. Every new asana introduced into the flow (vinyasa), is a new challenge altogether. Of course my teachers in Param Yoga are very good.

I observe the following key benefits (the three pillars of fitness) from the yoga training

  1. It increases heart rate big time to provide cardio benefits.
  2. The earth facing poses which are held isometrically provide strength gains.
  3. The stretches provide the flexibility gains.
  4. Holding the poses, creates a very still mind.
  5. The pranayam helps to increase the metabolism and heal.

All with four limbs and a mat
(no running around, no equipment)

I recommend Yoga to people of all age groups, as a holistic health practice form.


Power Yoga
By, Sunil Uttam
Co-Founder and Director of Services, Mithi Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I salute and respect the intellectual richness, the hearts dedication and passion of your new life in Param yoga. Taking India back to its roots is a challenge to which you have responded; empowered by Love; by re-emphasising Awareness as the container of that Love and breath as the human instrument of the Universal Soul coursing thro our very being.

Ahum Bramhan Asmi ! declared - and a functional reality in your work. Bless you.

By, Dr Warren Reeves. MS
Revered Orthopaedecian & Chiropractitioner

Your session was very enlightening, inspiring and full of great wisdom. We all at SCMLD are immensely grateful for your sincerity and dedication towards grooming our students to emerge healthy, happy, competent and ethics and values driven. Your session covered relationships, peace, happiness, - all in a realistic framework.

Corporate Yoga Induction
By, M.S. Pillai
Founder Director, SCMLD

Your devotion to Yoga and to teaching the people to live healthy lives is praise worthy. You are a picture of unselfish service. You have never asked anything for yourself. Generations unborn will salute you as a person whose ideal was: "Nothing for myself: everything for others!"

By, Dada JP Waswani

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By, John Doe