Sujata HumnabadkarSenior Instructor and Program Manager, Home and Society Batches

    “The process is as important as the result” this maxim is transparent in Sujata Humnabadkar’s Yoga sessions where the focus on steps of doing a practice lead to a more effective practice.

    Sujata’s love for Yoga began since she was a teenager. This interest renewed in vigour as she began practicing Yoga at Param Yoga. To gain better insight into Yoga as a philosophy and practice, she did her teacher training course at Param Yoga in 2008. Today, she is a senior teacher at Param Yoga.

    She has also trained at a well-known orthopaedic hospital for musculo-skeletal problems, which is applied in Yoga based therapy.

    In her role at Param Yoga, she conducts classical yoga, power yoga and Pilates classes. She also manages and trains teachers at Short Term Teachers’ Training Courses. In addition, she organizes and conducts corporate workshops at companies such as Syntel, KPIT, AXA. Be it her classes, workshops or her own practice, for Sujata it all boils down to “Do what you do thoroughly.”