Dr. Renu Mahtani

    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Dr. Mahtani’s aim is to demystify Yoga – both physically and mentally. To her, neither is Yoga about shaping your body into a pretzel or a
    jalebi, nor is the mystic air about Yoga necessary. In fact, for her Yoga allows you to take
    charge of your own physical and mental well-being. Therefore, to everyone she treats or
    teaches, Yoga becomes a lifestyle, an internalised manner of thinking. Her firm belief is
    that instead of pushing each person to reach for the perfect aasan or practice, Yoga ought
    to be become about a relaxed attitude towards doing one’s best.

    Therefore, “Prevent the preventable and manage the inevitable,” is Dr. Renu Mahtani’s
    practical and holistic attitude towards arriving at comprehensive treatment plans for her
    patients. As a healer in spirit and profession, she founded Param Yoga. She is a practicing
    physician in Pune since 1992. She is also an adroit yoga therapist and exemplifies “heal
    the mind and the body follows”.

    As a doctor of medicine, she was associated with the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit at the
    Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune for the first 6 years. She then, set out on her own journey that led
    her to holistic healing. She combined her knowledge of medicine with potent, globally
    acclaimed, yoga techniques. In her passion to heal, she has the following credentials:


    • Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine, USA
    • Fellowship Indian Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
    • MD, Internal Medicine, India
    • MBBS, India


    • Yoga Therapy Course for doctors, SVYASA, Bangalore
    • Yoga for Heart Cardiac and Cancer Training, Dr. Dean Ornish Certification, USA
    • Yoga Therapy Course for doctors, Vivekananda Centre, VYASA, Bangalore, India
    • Yoga Teachers Course, University of Pune
    • Yoga Teachers Course, Kaivalyadham, Lonavala, India
    • Core Vinyasa Power Yoga, New York, USA
    • Pilates training course, USA

    Through her workshops on posture, Yoga and other related topics, her heartfelt oratory skills have benefited many corporate employees. She affectionately plays a role in shaping the future, as school children learn a sense of propriety on sensitive subjects like “sex education” and “ethical living” palatable to their inquisitive minds.Dr. Renu Mahtani is not one to be content with just teaching students and patients herself. She has an undying enthusiasm to learn and impart what she has learnt. She takes pride in transferring all experience from her learnings to the teachers at Param Yoga, who she trains year after year in their fundamental level course and a specially designed, Medical Yoga Therapy course. Dr. Mahtani’s thirst to reinvent and keep oneself updated shines through in each of Param Yoga’s teachers.

    This Medical Yoga Therapy course assimilates her qualifications in medicine and Yoga. Over the years she has trained over 200 Yoga and gym teachers, physiotherapists and other training professionals on the merits of Yoga and Pilate’s techniques to treat chronic joint problems and lifestyle related issues. From the use of ropes and belts to special safety measures teachers trained under her, help their students and patients in leading a life with lesser pain.

    Dr. Mahtani also conducts workshops on posture, Yoga and other related topics. In addition, she has also authored three books that compile her knowledge about nutrition in a traditional Indian diet, Yogic breathing techniques, and the what and why of good posture. You can read more about “The Ultimate Indian Diet Book”, “Power Pranayam” and “Power of Posture” here.

    With a vision of ‘The best possible health for all’ and perpetual warmth in her heart, Dr. Renu Mahtani exudes “Miles to go before I sleep, and I still have miles to go before I sleep.”