Bosky SahniSenior Instructor and Program Manager, Weight Loss Programs

    “Everyone deserves good health and a cheerful spirit,” Bosky Sahni works towards getting each life she touches towards this goal through playful yet healing practices.

    Bosky, embarked on her personal journey with yoga in 2006. She found her inner “calling” when she met Dr. Renu Mahtani and discovered the miraculous and holistic transforming powers of Yoga. She also realised that Yoga is a subjective experience and can accommodate one and all.

    She is a certified Food and Nutrition Consultant, and a Yoga Instructor. While she is proficient in state-of-art practices like the Power Yoga (Vinyasa) and Pilates, she also incorporates some beneficial gym techniques in her classes. She is also trained in restorative Yoga practices and Bowen techniques of therapy. Her teaching techniques focus on safety while they are ever-evolving, innovative and beneficial to suit each member of her class. She keeps herself up-to-speed with the latest improvisations to fitness techniques. Her latest credentials have been:

    • Beginner Mat Teacher Training Certificate Course, Powerpilates, USA
    • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course, Jillian Pransky Yogaworks, NYC, USA

    This combination of skills and philosophy makes students – young and old – respond positively to and benefit from Bosky’s teaching style.

    Bosky is guided by the belief that when your body feels nurtured, your mind is at ease, and your emotions are balanced, your whole being is rejuvenated and joyful. This positivity is infectious and wins over the trust of her students. She helps them slow down to look within and realize “Who I am inside, is worth looking for…”