Ashwini HardikarSenior Instructor and Program Manager, Corporate Accounts

    “One tiny evolvement in practice is priceless satisfaction for both student and teacher” this is Ashwini Hardikar’s aim in each of her sessions for every member.

    Ashwini has been a Yoga practitioner since her teens, most of them at the Iyengar Institute in Pune.

    She has been a teacher with Param Yoga since 2010. She plans and conducts traditional, Pilates and Power Yoga sessions. She has also conducted workshops at KPIT, AXA, Symbiosis, and Vertex.

    After a long and successful career in hotel management, Ashwini found herself drawn to teaching Yoga. She decided to quit the hectic pace of life and chose to deepen her knowledge of Yoga further to find inner peace. She wants each person attending her classes to feel this love for Yoga. To her a good class is one in which every member has evolved in their practice. Her aim is to ensure students look forward to come to class rather than think of Yoga as a compulsion.