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Param Yoga is the destination for your search for health, vitality and wellness.

  • Abhilasha Agarwal
    Abhilasha Agarwal
    She likes fitness. She enjoys teaching. So it was only a matter of time before Abhilasha started teaching yoga. An online class with her can never go without meeting Murphy, her furry Apso. Watching her zeal for all things nature, yoga, music, and travel are a sweet reminder that she is our youngest teacher! Meet Abhilasha >
  • Atul Jagdale
    Atul Jagdale

    Atul Jagdale, a Yogi. I believe in yoga in all forms of life. I have dedicated last 20 years in learning multiple forms of yoga ( Param Yoga, Kaivalya Dham, Medical Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Aerial Yoga and also Ayurvedic Yogic Massage.)

    I believe in total fitness and I love to blend with various kind of practices to help people achieve a fitter and happy life.

  • Bosky Sahni

    Some of us here need no introduction to Bosky’s capacity to make us do push-ups. But, did you know she started as a baker. Like many of us an injury and chronic pain led her to yoga. Of course, she had her love for dogs and dark chocolate to keep company too. She now passes on what she has learnt by making us work hard on the mat while we smile. Yes, she makes that possible. 

    Meet Bosky >

  • Dr. Archana Upadhyaya
    Dr. Archana Upadhyaya

    Archana has a warm and innocent way of connecting with people, especially senior citizens. No wonder, outside her passion for fitness, taking care of her family is what engages her the most. Family or students, she veers them towards fitness through her specialisations in aerobics, Pilates, functional fitness, and of course all things yoga.

  • Jyoti Motwani
    Jyoti Motwani

    A yoga practitioner since her early twenties, Jyoti has always wished to combine her passion with creating value in society. This came true for her in 2010 when she got associated with Dr Renu Mahtani and Param yoga. Experiencing the benefits of Yoga, Pranayam and chanting, she decided to teach the same to all age groups, especially kids and teenagers. Watching the future generation practicing ancient techniques brings her a joy beyond measure.

    Meet Jyoti >

  • Lakshmi Bishnoi
    Lakshmi Bishnoi

    Is she a singer? Is she a financial trainer? Is she a meditator? Is she a trekker? Is she a yoga teacher? She is them all, she is Lakshmi Bishnoi. So, yes she can sing and chant mentally as she meditates in the Himalayas when she is not teaching you the many niceties about asanas or accounts.

    Meet Lakshmi >

  • Meeta Kabra
    Meeta Kabra

    Meeta is a CA and an MBA but she’d rather not keep books or run a business. Instead, she uses her analytical skills to create content for corporates. She writes on a range of topics from Yoga to finance via parenting.

    She has been a yoga practitioner since 2007 and has been a teacher at Param Yoga since 2012. She also helps in running Param Yoga’s “Pain Remedy Clinic” and has assisted in training 50+ teachers. She has combined her passion for Yoga and writing by editing Dr. Renu Mahtani’s book, “Power of Posture” and the soon-to-be published second edition of “Power of Pranayama”.

  • Nandita Shah
    Nandita Shah

    Nandita’s passion for yoga was reignited after school about 10 years ago. Now, when she is not teaching expecting mothers or senior citizens, you will find her fussing over plants, sharing her botanical knowledge, trekking in the Himalayas or chasing her cat, Simba.

  • Nidhi Dokania
    Nidhi Dokania

    A new-born brings many joys to a parent. For Nidhi, it brought yoga too! The physical and mental changes that asanas and Pilates brought to her, made her want to teach those around her. The learning of her students, in turn, led her to new areas in Yogic practices and a Balanced Body Pilates Instructor certification.

    Meet Nidhi >

  • Priti Gupta
    Priti Gupta

    Priti started as a student at Param Yoga at the age of 39 and it lured her into becoming an instructor in 6 years. She now teaches all forms of yoga and Pilates. Oh, and if you want to do one less vinyasa flow (or one more!) you can play a ghazal for her. She loves them!

    Meet Priti >

  • Rashmi Ghatge
    Rashmi Ghatge

    Balance – in situations, relationships, and of course yoga practices. Rashmi’s belief in balance for all things life, have stemmed from continuing to study ancient scripture deeper and deeper. She is a certified Level-3 GoI teacher and is pursuing her MA in yogashastra. Don’t let all this serious talk fool you. Her balance in having fun is what you will experience when you attend her power-packed classes.

    Meet Rashmi >

  • Ritu Agarwal
    Ritu Agarwal

    Ritu isn’t able to sit with closed eyes for meditation but makes everything she does meditative, be it moving on her mat or sipping on chai. Her drive towards fitness comes from the strong belief that her generation should break the chain of passing on diseases to the next one. Food for thought, isn’t it!

    Meet Ritu >

  • Sarita

    Sarita a Civil Engineer by profession and sports enthusiast by heart.From childhood she showed keen interest in various sports and she mastered the art of Rope Mallakhamb. It is a traditional sport of India where one performs yogic postures like padmasana, chakrasana even shavasana while hanging with a pole or on a rope.

    She is QCI-YCB certified yoga instructor.She specialises in teaching yoga from kids to senior citizens.She is trained instructor for prenatal yoga too.Sarita is constantly on look out for how she can make difference in other people’s life. Her zeal for all things like hiking, yoga and cooking exhibits her multifaceted personality.

  • Shabina Somji
    Shabina Somji

    Her kids actually like learning yoga from her! Yep, that’s Shabina for you. And with a motto like, “Cook well, eat better and burn it out best!” her students seem to be getting some of the best life lessons, right?

    Meet Shabina >

  • Shubangi Kale
    Shubangi Kale

    Before yoga she was a marathon runner and a terrific dancer. Over the ten years after Shubhangi entered the yoga way, her improved stamina through breathing has made her into a stronger athlete. The flexibility has added to her original grace as a dancer. Her classes reflect her passion to pass on whatever she has learnt to her students—be it the physical benefits through her yoga asana sessions or the philosophical and spiritual growth in her teacher training sessions. Yes, she is a GoI certified yoga teacher trainer and examiner too!

    Meet Shubangi >

  • Umaima Sadriwala
    Umaima Sadriwala

    We all have a favourite yoga pose, Umaima loves practicing and teaching backbends, especially the drop-back to chakrasana. The allow her to enjoy the breath-body movement she so loves, even better. And she uses the enhanced breathing capacity to fill her life with the aroma of Japanese cooking! You didn’t see that coming, did you?

    Meet Umaima >

  • Vidhi Samat
    Vidhi Samat

    Vidhi loves moving to music, so it had always been aerobics and zumba kind-of workouts for her. A chance stumbling into a yoga class and ever since she has been moving to the music of her breath. You will experience the calmness that her breaths bring her in your class even as you sweat it out. The stillness has only brought her closer to her childhood self, which helps her connect with her students, especially teens and kids.

    Meet Vidhi >

  • Vidhya Kripashankar
    Vidhya Kripashankar

    Yoga has been the harbinger of confidence, energy, and happiness in Vidhya’s life. Like many of us here, her Yoga journey started with Param Yoga and she continued to learn and practice with many a certification across the globe. Whether you want to heal from an ache or pain or get stronger in muscle and bone, her compassionate classes bring you both.

  • Vikram Shinde
    Vikram Shinde

    What is a group of yoga practitioners without an enlightened engineer? Vikram and his 2+ decades in the IT industry fill that gap. A couple of breaks in the Himalayas led him to the epiphany, “If I plan to peruse my passions, I need to stay FIT” and an even better one, “Trekking, running, cycling and gymming keep fit, but yoga keeps me fit while keeping the injuries at bay.” He is ever grateful to the friend who brought him to Param and the many yoga techniques that keep him going in his tough adventurous endeavours.