Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course 2017

Weekday Batch !3th June'17, Weekend Batch 1st July'17
Tue'Thu 10am to 1 pm, Fri 11.30 to 12.30 or Sat Sun 10am-12pm,

A complete program that gives a strong technical and theoretical expertise

 Personal insights through ancient yogic philosophy

·      Ancient yogic wisdom presented for the modern psyche

·      through Patanjali Yog sutras and Ashtanga of Yoga

An overview of anatomy & physiology

·      A basic knowledge of various body systems

·      Functioning of various organs and other systems

·      Impact of yoga on the above organs and systems.

·      Benefits of yoga techniques, precautions / contraindications

Hands-on practical experience

·      Asanas, as relevant to today’s lifestyle

·      Applied anatomy, modifications as per body type

·      Breathing correction, Pranayama, Kumbhak & Bandhas

·      Shuddhi kriya

* * * NEW * * *

More practice sessions

Optional workshops

Train yourself to teach:

 - Yoga to kids

 - Yoga to senior citizens

·      Chanting, Prayers

·      Yog nidra

Yoga Teaching Methodology

·      Sequencing / lesson planning

·      Injury Prevention