Yoga Therapy

Nowadays, with our changing lifestyles, it is difficult to find a person with no aches and pains or no medical problems, including youngsters and the middle aged. Fortunately for us, be they joint pains or chronic lifestyle diseases, Yoga when applied right, has long lasting solutions.


Experiencing better health, involves active participation to increase ‘Prana’ or the life force in the body and the mind. We help make this happen through our specially designed ‘Health Batches’ with -


  • Deep Yogasana Practices with Awareness & Safety (with and without props – wall / bolsters)
  • Therapeutic Pilates – ball, band & unaided
  • Pranayama (basic & special techniques)  
  • Viniyoga – prana / breath flow sequences of Krishnamacharyaji
  • Chanting & meditations

Each class has a focus, without ignoring other parts of the body -  Stable knees


  • Flexible and sturdy back
  • Happy Heart & Fresh lungs
  • Strong core & good metabolism
  • Relaxed shoulders and neck
  • Relaxed mind & strong Immunity
  • De-toxified abdomen