HIIT – Weightloss Yoga

HIIT – Weightloss Yoga

HIIT training is great for all levels. It will be especially effective for beginners. You will see results quickly and they will be noticeable.

Weight training in yoga

HIIT is a combination of brief, very-high intensity bursts of cardio and strength  exercise followed  periods of rest.

Holding the postures

The benefits of HIIT include burning calories, losing weight, and building muscle. HIIT can also help you lower blood pressure and blood sugar, while improving oxygen and blood flow

Client Testimonials

  • Param Yoga has been a life changing experience for me..
    Lovely journey with Param until now..
    Joined around a year ago, initially just for a trail, I was not sure if I would continue.
    I am not that disciplined and never exercised. But the team here is just awesome. They not only made me love this art but also got me addicted to it.
    Excellent support from the entire team and they are very warm people.
    I think I am staying here forever…
    Just loving the journey…

    Amruta Hattimattur

  • I had put on weight and in spite of lot of diets couldn’t lose a single gram. On joining Param Yoga weight I lost approx. 2 kgs and a few inches in barely 2 months. The diet was simple to follow, and training sessions were very effective. Along with weight loss sessions various other tips were shared regarding posture, breathing etc. that can be followed during the day. Overall a very great experience.

    Deepa Bhasin

  • Yoga for me is a journey to my Self. It all began with the focus on physical asanas but gradually through the practice I started to notice, awareness has expanded greatly. From observing the breath while holding the posture to observing and experiencing life in the very present moment. So, then I realized, it’s a constant transformation of Self-being that goes far beyond the yoga classroom. I continue discovering great qualities, joy, and blessings through yoga practice. I feel myself in the infinite depth to the teachers who across my way and share their knowledge and experience. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

    Devyani Shirole

  • I, Kirti Rajesh Chaudhari, joined Param Yoga Institute in Dec 2015 and continued till March 2016. Before I had problems like a) after riding my bike for half an hour, my neck and back pained, b) neck pain due to exertion, c) irregular periods. After joining this institute, I became free from all these problems and feel better now. Also, I lost 12kgs in 3.5months. All the teachers and staff of the institute are friendly, loving and help us when we need their support.

    Kirti R. Chaudhari

  • It’s been two months my energy and flexibility level has increased drastically. In the last 43 years I had never thought that I would look forward to doing exercise. I must say I’ve enjoyed each and every class. BIG THANKS to dear instructors for making me like my soul and body.
    It’s painful to shed off weight as one takes lot of physical and psychological efforts to gain it. So, it’s not just loosing weight but it’s also letting off the rigidity. I am learning that too here.
    The programme is so well designed for the body and mind as well. I am enjoying every bit of it, even during certain physical condition in a month and that is awesome. I am learning to take care of me with more flexibility in thinking and action.
    Thank you all..

    Mugdha Joshi

  • Param Yoga’s weight loss programme has helped me to lose my weight and gain more confidence. Its a perfect combination of diet and exercise has done wonders to me and has helped me to maintain a healthy, fit and slim lifestyle. Thank you Param Yoga.

    Rashmi C Ghadge

  • Learned the art of losing weight and maintaining it, that too in a healthy way. Complete diet, different workout every day with a different teacher, with a different style but with the same attitude. No chance of getting bored. All I had to do was show up every day and follow the awesome ”Bosky’s Diet”. Rest happened on its own i.e. I lost 18kgs in 6 months. I can feel the fitness and freshness from within.

    Shekhar Tipale

  • Hi Guys..
    I joined Param Yoga a year ago not knowing what to expect just started working out. It was my very first encounter with Yoga in my life. Kept only one thing in mind that I have to stay fit or rather become fit. As days passed I saw and felt small changes in myself physically and mentally. Instructors motivated me continuously and boosted me to do my best.
    The weighing scale showed my hard work and having well trained instructors showed the results through my weight loss, MAJOR weight loss.To support my weight loss along with yoga, complimented the right diet given to me by the dietician as per my body and personal food habits in mind.
    I am now addicted to yoga and its been a great life changing new year at the institute here at Param. I not only feel but see a drastic change in me overall.
    Thank you Param Yoga for bringing about this positive change in me.