Weight Loss

Can Yoga help me lose weight?

Absolutely Yes ! Yoga is a well-balanced and more importantly a sustainable solution. Yoga is unique and stands apart because the focus is on increasing metabolism rather than just fat burning...Yoga provides the benefits of cardio and significant weight training. 

The weight training of yoga

Yoga Weigt Training is unique as the body itself serves as the weight which gets holistically divided and one does not feel the brunt of it. Think of balancing your body weight on one leg in Vrukshasan or keeping one leg lifted up against the pull of gravity, or dividing your body weight into four parts on your four limbs in the downward facing dog or Adhomukha shvanasan..


Holding the postures

This is what turns the table...One has to use the core of all muscles used to do so and this awakens the sleeping metabolic pumps in these muscles 

Magic of mindful breathing

Our shallow breathing has made our metabolism sluggish. Only when we learn to breath deep using our core muscles will we ignite the sluggish metabolism.