Juggling between work and life, struggling for time with a few close ones, a thousand errands to run, and no time for yourself. Here's your chance to schedule one hour for your well-being - physical, mental and emotional - embrace Yoga. And more likely than not, your life will start sorting itself too. 
With a perfect combination of fun and professionalism, our team of 25+ experienced and youthful teachers, gradually take you towards absorbing Yoga as a way of life. Soon enough, you will be on your path to discovering the deeper you.
Every session we offer is unique! We design our classes choosing a healthy combination of practices from Traditional Asanas, Surya Namaskaar, Tibetan Yoga, Nabhi Kriya, Ball and Band Yoga & Pilates, Tratak & eye exercises, Neti Kriya, Yogic Relaxation with Transformative affirmations & visualizations. 
This is because we believe that, Yoga when done right -
  • Helps to meet all parameters of fitness – muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardio-vascular efficiency and body fat percentage. Surya Namaskaars alone work on 93 – 97% of the muscles of our body!
  • Deep massages our organs thus improving their functioning.
  • Detoxifies, boosts energy levels and promotes positive health.
  • Makes us awareness oriented versus repetition oriented. This mindfulness brings clarity of thoughts and emotional stability in life.