Yoga & Pilates Therapy

Ideally, all Yoga teachers should have a good understanding on the structure and functioning of the human body, as Yoga teachers deal with a live body and not a machine. Unfortunately, there is no standardization in Yoga Training Courses. Hence Yoga Therapy Training is the need of the time for Yoga Teachers, Fitness Instructors & Physiotherapists.

Yoga Therapy Module 1 (for musculoskeletal problems)

  • for knee
  • for back
  • for neck
  • for shoulder pain

Yoga Therapy Module 2 (for chronic diseases)

  • for diabetes
  • for heart disease
  • for asthma
  • for low immune conditions
  • for hormonal disorders

The Course amalgamates various aspects of Yoga, Pilates & Breath Therapy.


The focus is on -

• Safety in Traditional Yogasanas

• Cause of Problems & Prevention

• Posture Therapy

• Rope & Belt Therapy – Passive Stretching Techniques to reduce pain

• Joint Alignment & Muscle Strengthening with active yoga & pilates practices

• Viniyoga

• Mindful Breathing Practices & Chanting techniques


CONDUCTED BY – DR. RENU MAHTANI MD (Physician & Yoga Therapy Consultant)