Pilates Training

The fundamental intention of a Pilates class is to develop core stability and a uniformly strong and flexible body in the service of integrating and elevating the body, mind and spirit. Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates the system of exercise (he called it Contrology), was a prolific inventor. He was driven to find as many ways as he could to help people create strong, flexible bodies that move efficiently. He therefore created a sequence of exercises that are done on the mat, and a lot of exercises on what is called Pilates equipment, or apparatus.


Pilates mat instructor training will cover all of the basic mat exercises, along with ways to modify them for different populations. Pilates on the ball, Pilates with exercise bands, are also included in the course as combining Pilates with other exercise methods and fitness equipment is a growing trend… While hybrid combinations can be fun and helpful, it is important to recognize that Pilates is a very specific methodology. So, the emphasis is given on maintaining the pilates principles in cross-over teaching.

The sessions in Pilate certification course include :

  • Background, principles, breathing
  • Original Mat pilate practices
  • Pilates with props
  • Popular modified practices
  • Teaching pilate and Self practice