Param Yoga

Param Yoga is the destination for your search for health, vitality and wellness.


Our Motto

‘How you do’ is more important than just ‘What you do.’


Our Belief System

  • Yoga is a "way of life" and not restricted to the yoga mat
  • Yoga is healthy living and healthy thinking.
  • Yoga has answers for one and all, adaptable to their personalities and capabilities.
  • Yoga is not the domain of only the ones with flexible bodies. Anybody and everybody can do Yoga, at their level and reap benefits.
  • Yoga has to be customized depending upon the requirement, age, and health of a person - Safety First.
  • Yoga is complete in itself and does not need stylizing. We try to keep Yoga as true to tradition as is possible.
  • Teaching Yoga is an art based on scientific knowledge of the body and its functions.



  • To take every individual member to their optimal level of health and happiness.
  • To make Yoga appealing to the youth thus bringing some positive change in society.
  • To create awareness that our health lies in our hands and that disease is most likely to leave the body if one takes charge of oneself.
  • To offer health with a broader vision - necessary medicines and transformative aspects of yoga go hand-in-hand for both joint/musculo-skeletal disorders and chronic, lifestyle diseases