About Us

Dr. Renu Mahtani (MD) - Holistic Physician & Yoga Therapy Consultant

Dr. Renu Mahtani, the founder of Param Yoga is a true healer in spirit and profession. She is a practicing physician in Pune for the past 20 years. She is also an adroit yoga therapist and exemplifies “heal the mind and the body follows”. She was associated with the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit at the Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune for the first 6 years and then she set out on her own journey to herald the tidings of a whole new world of holistic healing, to the society, which also comprise of avant-garde, potent, globally acclaimed, yoga techniques. In her passion to heal, she has the following credentials of expertise, in Yoga and otherwise, to her name, from India and the world over:

  • Yoga Therapy Course for doctors at Vivekananda Centre, VYASA, Bangalore,
  • Yoga for Heart & Cancer Training, Dr. Dean Ornish Program California, USA
  • Yoga Teachers Course from University of Pune & Kaivalyadham, Lonavala,
  • Core Vinyasa Power Yoga from New York
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Alumni (Management Program for Women Entrepreneurs)

Her heartfelt oratory skills through her workshops have evoked benefits within many corporate organizations. She affectionately plays a role in shaping the future, as school children look up to her fondly as she gently breathes into them the sense of propriety and makes sensitive subjects like “sex education” and “ethical living” palatable to their young, inquisitive minds. As a published author, she has written the book “The Ultimate Indian Diet Book” published by Macmillan India Pvt. Ltd, which has also been translated in Marathi – ‘Paripoorna Bharatiya Aahaar’. Her recent release is “Power - Pranayama” - Tapping the healing potentials breath. She has also been a Goodwill ambassador to USA, through the Rotary International in 1994 and the winner of the title ‘Mrs. Poona – 1997’. With a vision of ‘The best possible health for all’ in her eyes and perpetual warmth in her heart, Dr. Renu Mahtani exudes “Miles to go before I sleep, and I still have miles to go before I sleep"
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Sujata Nerurkar - Yoga Consultant & Family Counselor

Sujata spearheads the Teachers Training at Paramyoga and also imparts training in traditional yoga, viniyasa (power) yoga, pranayam and pilates to students and teachers alike. She also takes regular workshops and counseling sessions An engineer with post graduation in Systems Management and Entrepreneurship from Jamnalal Bajaj, Mumbai and IIM Bangalore respectively, Sujata today enjoys working full time in the field of yoga. Her long experience in the corporate sector gives Sujata the unique capability to be logical, process oriented and look beyond mere techniques to create awareness about the fundamental yogic concepts and its benefits. Her extensive training in yoga and therapy includes

  • Yoga Teachers Course from University of Pune & Kaivalyadham, Lonavala
  • Yoga and Yoga therapy at Naturotherapy Centre Ahmedabad
  • Intensive training by international trainers such as Ana Forrest, Mark Whitwell, David Swenson, David Life, and Jason Crendal at the Asian Yoga Convention at Hong Kong.

In her almost a decade of experience in teaching yoga and mind management techniques she emphasizes the need of mind and body collaboration. She is a trained counselor and in all her teaching modules she utilises her expertise in,

  • REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Non-violent communication and Interplay (movement as therapy)
Bosky Sahni - Yoga Weight Management Consultant

Who I am inside is worth looking for…
Here is a cherished dream to enrich the lives of others, by nurturing them with a blush of good health and cheerful spirit. And this dream belongs to Bosky Sahni who epitomizes Yoga as a playful, profound, life changing, and healing practice. Bosky, also a certified food & nutrition and gym technique connoisseur, embarked on her personal journey with Yoga five years ago. She answered her inner “calling” when she met a kindred spirit in Dr. Renu Mahatani and discovered the miraculous & holistic transforming powers of Yoga for the body, mind and soul. She is very proficient in the state-of-the-art practices like the Power Vinyasa Yoga and Pilates, her teaching techniques are safe, ever-evolving, innovative and befitting to suit each and every individual in her class. A believer at heart, she believes when your body feels nurtured, your mind at ease, and your emotions balanced, your whole being soars in rejuvenation and joy.

Bosky is a school of energy and infectious positivity who easily wins over the trust of her students as she helps them slow down enough, so that they land inside themselves, for each one to realize “ Who I am inside is worth looking for”... While she has a deep understanding of the value of quiet focus, she keeps her teaching technique light-hearted, effective and genuine, owing to this both young and old feel at home with her as she gracefully radiates that Yoga has a room for all of us.

Core Team

Deepa Kumar
Sujata Humnabadkar
Ashwini Hardikar


Bhavana Agarwal
Cinzia Rinzivillo
Jyoti Motwani
Sanjana Kotwal
Shubhangi Shirgunkar
Kavita Tengshe
Smita Patwardhan
Jyoti Nahar
Dr. Sanyogita
Mandira Joshee
Dimple Soman
Dr. Archana Upadhyaya
Karthik Magapu
Meeta Kabra

Our Strengths

Our services are structured to give priority to your needs, and at same time, give you all the variety and fun without compromising on the depth and safety.

Deeper understanding-

Dr. Renu Mahtani, being a practicing physician has integrated the science of yoga to the knowledge of body structure and functions.

Knowledge & awareness -

Practical solutions based on scientific principles, combining the ancient wisdom of India with the best of West through research and innovations.


With an aim to make people experience health and fitness with fun and joy, we offer variety of convincing practices in various packages! This maintains interest and keeps the body and mind more responsive.


Safety is our prime concern. Maintaining the basic philosophy, we modify the practices to suit the requirement of people – stiff back, knee pain, neck & shoulder issues, etc.


Alignments are the corner stone so that with optimal lining up of bones which are supported with balanced muscles, there is no wear and tear of the joints.


minded approach - we offer what would be the best for an individual, be it a patient, an executive or the youth!

Team work-

- A well-trained, qualified and experienced team with a passion to share and care is our biggest strength!